The next generation of leadership in Louisville

The next generation of leadership in Louisville


Charles Booker received his Bachelors and Juris Doctor degrees from the University of Louisville. His career has focused on policy and community development. He’s worked as a Legislative Aide in the Louisville Metro Council, served as the Bloomberg Project Manager for Mayor Greg Fischer’s Innovation Delivery Team, was director of Administration and Personnel for the Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, and is currently employed as an Education and Equity Analyst at the Louisville Urban League.


Civil Rights & Equality

As your State Representative, I will fervently continue the work for equal rights, protections, investments and opportunity. I will be an alarm against the institutional, structural, direct, and indirect barriers to justice, and challenge any status quo that impairs the progress of our district and the state as a whole.

Safety & Security

I will be a champion for equality, justice, accountability, unity, peace and compassion. I will work on the ground with you, organize with you, mobilize with you, and carry your voice to Frankfort and across the state. We will fight to create an environment that inspires hope and drowns out despair. Every policy and program will be evaluated to ensure that it adds to that goal.

Economic Development & Empowerment

I will work to build bridges of economic growth to establish the 43rd District as a booming driver in the state and the region. I will work with you to break through perspectives that hinder development, and create an environment that expands the wealth generating capacity for families and business in our District.

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